Finding Relief For Your Jaw Pain and Improving The Quality of Your Sleep.

We provide comprehensive, personalized care for jaw pain relief to help you get a good nights sleep.

Welcome to TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Atlanta

 Founded by Dr. Aaron Larsen, director of the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Atlanta was created to help those seeking relief from symptoms associated with TMJ disfunction and sleep disordered breathing. The most common forms of which are sleep apnea and primary snoring.  Dr. Larsen’s only focus is to diagnose and treat the symptoms associated with the origins of these problems. 

Looking for relief?


Treatment for TMJ and TMD

Treatments for TMJ and TMD

If you’ve been suffering from symptoms including facial, neck or back pain, fatigue and headaches, please ask us about our effective treatments. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

The two most common sleep disorders are obstructive sleep apnea and primary snoring. Learn more about treating and finding relief.

Pediatrics / Airway Orthodontics

Pediatrics / Airway Orthodontics

The diagnosis and treatment of pediatric Sleep Disorders and TMD/Facial Pain impacts not only the child, but the family.

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